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First ePay

Pay bills to anyone, saving time and money.

First ePay

Pay bills online and save time

Save time and money. No more stamps to buy or trips to the post office. First ePay is the easiest way to pay your bills quickly, easily and securely.

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With a click of the mouse or a tap of the screen, you can add payees, use your camera to capture a paper bill, set up recurring bills, use bill reminders and so much more.

You can also set up electronic bills for most vendors and receive monthly billing statements electronically in your email.

With First ePay, you can: 

  • Set up and edit payees on your phone
  • Bill Capture lets you use your camera to take a picture and pay a paper bill
  • Pay the contacts that are already set up on your phone
  • View pending payments, recent payments, e-bill reminders and more
  • Setup recurring payments like mortgage or car payments
  • Setup bill reminders so you won't miss a payment
  • Send money to friends and family


Paying bills on your smart phone is easy

It's powerful to know that you can pay bills using our First eBanc Mobile app. Set up billers on your phone, use your camera to take photos of your bill with camera capture and so much more. You are always connected when you are on the go.


Start paying bills using First ePay

View the screen shots below for step-by-step instructions to use First ePay.

• Tap "Transfer & Pay" on your First eBanc Mobile app home screen, capture and pay bills using your phone's camera when you tap "Pay with bill capture", and pay your billers when you tap "Pay my billers". You can even send money using Zelle.



Learn how to use the browser version

View how easy it is to pay and track bills when you use First ePay on your desktop computer. Track payments, set up payees and so much more.It becomes evenmore powerful when you pay bills using First eBanc Mobile Banking. You are always connected when you are on the go.


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Protecting your information and your identity is our highest priority. With the use of encryption, firewalls and trusted operating systems incorporated into our overall banking network, best efforts have been made to secure your transactions.


First 90 days of First ePay are free. First ePay is Free with First eChecking and First Community Club Checking when you pay 5 bills per month. $5 monthly fee for paying less than 5 bills per month. First Community, First Community Gold and First Community Student Checking - $5.00 per month, unlimited bills.



Need assistance with First ePay?

Call us in Beecher at (708) 946-2246 or in Peotone at (708) 258-0530 or send us an online message.

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