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Mortgage Loans

Whether a purchase or refinance, we're with you every step of the way.

Solutions for Your Home Purchase

Our knowledgeable mortgage lenders will walk you through the steps involved in buying a new home, from application to close. They provide dedicated support and offer frequent updates, so you'll know what's going on at all times.


Long-Term Mortgages

This type of mortgage locks you into a fixed-rate for the life of your mortgage. Features are:

  • Helps you budget since your monthly payment remains the same.
  • Low down payment options on home purchases are available for those who qualify.
  • You can lock in your interest rate for up to 60 days before closing.
  • Various amortization schedules are available.

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Other available mortgage loans.

Contact a Mortgage Loan Officer at (708) 946-2246, (708) 258-0530 or send us a secure email.

Balloon Loans

If a long-term mortgage isn't for you, our balloon loans may be for you.  We service all of our balloon loans in-house.

Bridge Loans

This type of loan is designed to help if you're moving to a new home, but your current home hasn't sold yet. We utilize the equity from your current home to help with the down payment or purchase of your new home. All bridge loans are serviced in-house.

Land and Lot Loans

We offer programs and solutions to help you purchase any size lot.



Mortgage Checklist

Be sure to start gathering all of the following items, as we'll need them to start or complete your loan process.

Use our checklist below to view everything you'll need. You can also download a PDF version of the the checklist.

Mortgage Loan Checklist
Mortgage Loan ChecklistItems
All applicants
  • Real Estate Loan Application - We'll provide and help you complete
  • 30 days of consecutive pay stubs
  • 2 of your most recent bank statements
  • 2 most recent federal income tax returns
  • 2 most recent W-2 forms
  • Home Owner's insurance information
If self-employed
  • Last year-end financial statement and current year interim statement

* All offers of credit are subject to credit approval. 



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Send a secure email or call us at (708) 946-2246 or (708) 258-0530.

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